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Hello! I'm Madeleine, the environmentalist behind the keyboard and the lead environmental data scientist at Cultivo Land PBC. I am made of a blend of environmental science expertise, a dash of water resource wizardry, all seasoned with a sprinkle of computer science. My journey includes earning a Ph.D. from the French Geological Survey, where I worked with at-risk aquifers in the heart of Southern India.

Presently, I'm embarked on a satellite-driven expedition, using the power of remote sensing and cloud computing to drive the Nature Based Solutions industry into the future. Imagine, assessing a plot's potential to be a nature generator faster than you can finish your morning coffee! This warp-speed analysis lets us pinpoint and fund top-tier projects that not only lock away carbon; they serve as catalysts, enhancing water resources, and championing biodiversity conservation.

Join me on this journey where nature conservation intersects with science and tech, and together, we'll explore the wonders of human intelligence meeting nature's wisdom.

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